Employer Engagement Network

1      The purposes and scope of the network's activities

  1. To bring together those involved with Employer Engagement and CPD within the UK HE sector to share their common interests
  2. To provide a forum to celebrate achievements and to share and disseminate good practice
  3. To support others in their practice by sharing experiences
  4. To support the development and publication of research into the network’s and individual’s activities
  5. To address research issues in Employer Engagement and CPD
  6. To provide a voice for Employer Engagement and CPD across the HE sector and with external organisations
  7. To work with other networks and their co-ordinators to identify areas of common interest and synergy

2       Questions / issues the Network might address

  1. The possibilities and opportunities for Universities to engage with Employers to contribute to workforce development and CPD
  2. How universities can engage with and be a driver for the development of Higher Level Apprenticeships
  3. The challenges of balancing the concepts of educational ideals against those of universities being a  commercial organisation
  4. The impact of Employer Engagement on universities
  5. Potential research opportunities and areas for cross-network / cross-sector research collaboration
  6. How can UK universities engage with employers in an international arena and what are the benefits

3       Modus operandi

The network will make use of a range of on-line modes of communication for the majority of its activity e.g. emails, virtual meetings and conference calls.

The network will meet face-to-face at least two times per annum; to maximise attendance and minimise impact on individual network members it is proposed that these meetings are arranged to coincide with the Annual Conference and the AGM. Members of the network will be invited to organise meetings at their home university on topics that are of interest to the individual and that fits the agreed aims of the network.

Initial contact would be made through the existing network and the wider UALL database. Feedback on the proposals contained in this document will be sought and a consensus reached on the way forward for the network.

If you would like further information, or if you wish to join this Network, please contact:

Alison Felche
University of Wolverhampton
T 01902 322 760
E a.e.felche@wlv.ac.uk