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To promote learning in and through work and professional practice, paid or unpaid.


•    Extend and disseminate good practice in relation to the development, facilitation and assessment of work and learning in HE

•    To promote and disseminate research in the field of work and learning

•    Provide events and network opportunities for HE colleagues to support staff development

•    To promote the standing and use of work and learning, in HE, with employers, policy makers, professional groups and other stake holders

•    To influence government agencies in the development and application of appropriate policies and procedures for work and learning

Mission Statement

•    Values the high level learning that can be gained in and through work-based practice 

•    Promotes the development of work and professional practice and learning as an important and integral part of academic awards

•    Promotes the linking of scholarly activity and professional practice

•    Encourages the development of work and learning as a critical pedagogy

•    Recognises that learning is a contextual praxis

•    Acknowledges that learning is political and performative in that learning based in work seeks not only a somewhat rigid ‘knowledge of’ but also seeks to change, improve or subvert situated practice through reflection and research

•    Asserts that learning should be emancipatory, in that it has the potential to empower learners

•    Has a growing research agenda

•    Is increasingly involved in policy and lobbying through UALL

The Work and Learning Network provides workshops, seminars and conferences for members as well as a national lobby (through UALL) to influence the direction of Work and Learning in higher education.



Middlesex University
Elda Nikolou-Walker
Paula Nottingham


Network Administration
Francesca Jussa
Middlesex University