IPPR Report - Call To Extend Part-time Loans

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The Institute for Public Policy Research’s Commission on the Future of Higher Education called for changes to stop the decline in part-time students this week.  

Part-time students became eligible for student loans for the first time in autumn 2012, but part-time enrolments have now dropped by 40 per cent – 105,000 students – over the past two years. The report notes that two-thirds of eligible students are denied loans because they have already done a degree or intend to spread their studies over a longer timeframe than permitted.  Last year 31,700 part-time undergraduates successfully applied for loans although the government claimed 175,000 part-time students would be eligible.  Referring to 'a crisis in part-time higher education study the report calls for an extension to access to loans to more part-time students.  

The report's recommendations also include a call for postgraduate loans and changes to higher education regulation.



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