OFFA Comment On Universities UK Report ‘The Funding Environment For Universities’

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Professor Les Ebdon, Director of Fair Access to Higher Education, commented:

“One of the key findings in this report is the fall in mature, full-time students for the second consecutive year. At the same time we know that
part-time undergraduate entrants have fallen by 40% since 2010. This is bad news for fair access – you’re more likely to be studying part-time or be a mature student of over 21 if you’re from a disadvantaged background. It also has implications for the future of the UK economy as with falling numbers of 18-year-olds, those already in work will need to upskill to meet future skills needs.

“This report confirms the need for us not to be too complacent about the achievements in fair access over recent years. Universities and colleges must continue to reach out to people from disadvantaged backgrounds, both exciting their interest in higher education and giving them the advice and support they need to make informed choices and achieve the grades they need to go to university.”

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