Social Mobility And Higher Education

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The Advisory Group, set up by UUK at the request of ministers to investigate the persistent problem of poor social mobility in higher education, has issued its final report. The report concludes that much is needed to be done to counter the complex problems of inequality, despite the stated commitment of universities to promote a fairer system. The recommendations include partnerships with schools, employers and communities, and of better data collection and analysis. Of particular interest to UALL is the specific inclusion of mature students, 'many of whom may not have had the chance to go to university when they were younger 'We should avoid too narrow a focus on what happens at the age of 18. This ignores the half a million people who have chosen higher education later in life.'  

The Report can be viewed HERE  

Fiona Waye of UUK will be speaking about the Report at the UALL Annual Seminar on 24th November at the Ambassadors Hotel, London. For further details of the Seminar and to book your place, please VISIT



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