UALL Conference 7 July, London - The Wider Benefits Of Lifelong Learning: The Way Forward In The Current Political Climate

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Tuesday 7 July - Friends Meeting House, Euston Road, London

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The social and economic benefits of lifelong learning are seldom challenged by policy-makers but neither are they actively championed. In recent years there has been a massive decline in adults returning to formal study along with the loss of traditional informal adult education provision. The current social and economic climate means there is a pressing need for active and engaged citizens, a highly-skilled workforce and support for an ageing population. The argument lifelong learning has seldom been more urgent in modern times but recent policies have militated against universities, colleges or students making further study a reality.

This conference will give participants the opportunity to:

·  consider the wider social and economic benefits of lifelong learning

·  review recent policies and their effects

·  analyse and assess the new Government’s statements

·  develop a ‘Manifesto for Lifelong Learning’ to inform future policies

10.15   Registration

10.45   Welcome

11.00   Life after the Election for Lifelong Learning
             Professor Sir Peter Scott, UCL Institute of Education           

12.00   Morning Workshops

Presentation workshops led by UALL Network Convenors will explore recent policies and develop ideas for the future to provide the basis for a ‘Manifesto for ‘Lifelong Learning’

1.15     Lunch

2.00     Afternoon Workshops

3.15     Plenary Session: A Manifesto for Lifelong Leaning

4.00     Close


Employer Engagement: Alison Felce, University of Wolverhampton

In this workshop we will share and reflect on our current practice with reference to recent and planned government policies considering how universities: engage with employers to contribute to workforce development and CPD for part-time and mature learners; support and drive the development of Higher Level Apprenticeships. We will also consider the impact of Employer Engagement on universities.

Flexible Pedagogy & New Technologies: Michael Snowden, University of Huddersfield

International Perspectives: Nadira Mirza, University of Bradford

Public Engagement: Steve Kendall, University of Bedfordshire

Research: Liz Marr, Open University

Student Experience: Pauline McManus, University of Warwick
This workshop will consider how Universities can support and promote the following: students' academic development and achievements; students' affiliation with University life; students' well being; students' short term and long term planning re further study/careers/chosen activities".

Widening Participation and Access: Annette Hayton, University of Bath
This workshop will consider how the new government’s policies for funding and regulating widening participation activities will affect capacity and delivery, There will be a particular focus on demonstrating  impact and ‘value for money’.

Work and Learning: Jonathan Garnett, University of Middlesex






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