UALL Work And Learning Annual Conference 2018

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June 14 - 15 2018,  Leuven (Belgium)

The conference is a collaboration between EURASHE, the UK Universities Association for Lifelong Learning, Work and Learning network, and the BEEHiVES project

The conference is centred on the approaches that higher education, employers and other stakeholders can take to structure and implement strategies and curricula to enable students and employees to learn through, for and in work environments. Work-integrated learning (WIL), work-based learning (WBL) and apprenticeships have already started to develop these relationships and the conference looks at the key skills employers look for, and how these essential competencies can be embedded in HEIs’ curricular and structures. 

The full rationale of the conference is available here.

The conference will offer expertise and discussion to provide practitioners, educational managers and policy makers with the opportunity to gain greater insight into how the challenges and gaps of work and learning issues can be overcome and to develop the pedagogy and systems to the benefit of engagement with learning for and in work. The conference will disseminate the findings of the Beehives Project and draw upon the expertise of academics in the field through papers and presentations.

For more information and to register onto the conference, please click here.

Also, please visit, the UALL Work and Learning website and learn more about the goals and work of the Network and their upcoming events. 

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