Widening Participation And Lifelong Learning

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Widening Participation and Lifelong Learning are terms in frequent use within the Education Sector.    Food for thought is a recent Guardian article by Professor Peter Scott (3/3/15) in which it is suggested that current government policies are the enemy of the Lifelong Learner  -   "……..the move towards much wider access to higher education has turned into a bit of a disappointment…………We have been successful in establishing a mass higher education system, but we have been much less successful in creating a proper system of lifelong learning……The winners have been young, full time students……the losers have been older, less privileged and part time students who want or need to study locally."

As the next UK election draws near, politicians of all persuasions will be addressing what they perceive to be the key issues of interest to voters.   Can we make sure that Lifelong Learning, which is of wide benefit to society as well as to the individuals who participate, features in the political agenda?   Can we put searching questions to politicians to elicit their real intentions, rather than accept the rhetoric?

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