Winner announced at 2015 Annual Conference Dinner in Glasgow

In 2009 UALL introduced a new venture – the UALL Awards Scheme. The aim of the scheme was simple – to seek out and celebrate creativity and innovation by UALL member universities despite the severe cuts brought about by the financial downturn. Invitations to submit programmes and projects were issued, and we were delighted to receive a good number of applications. Mindful of other (and larger) award schemes the winner and runners-up were awarded at the Conference Dinner in an Oscar-style ceremony, with a handsome trophy for the winner and certificates for the highly commended.

The scheme has continued and prospered ever since, and in 2015 once again we had an excellent number of applications, resulting in a shortlist from which it was difficult to choose the winners, such was the quality of entries. Indeed, recognising that there were for the first time submissions for research projects well as provision, we awarded an extra ‘runner up’ certificate, and have for the future introduced a category for research.

Middlesex University
for the project Writing and Criticality - the project aims to develop the quality of writing by professional doctoral candidates, to produce writing that is ‘critical, engaging, dynamic and elegant’. This is achieved by using a range of literature – fiction and non-fiction – to stimulate academic writing which is elegant, economical and incisive. This departure from the usual report and policy writing has resulted in a marked improvement in candidates’ writing. Appropriately, the submission for the Awards was composed in a suitably elegant and precise style.


The University of Wolverhampton
Supporting the Unsung Hero - an enterprising project for the families of serving Armed Forces personnel: ‘to reach their employment and career development goals’.  

The University of Oxford
The Online Short Courses Programme – a highly successful programme of 100 online short courses, which over its ten-year history has been delivered to over 16,000 students. The internet-based interactive structure allows access by students without the constraints of traditional classroom-based lifelong learning.

Glasgow Caledonian University
The College Connect strategy - this programme aims to enable progression from further education colleges to university. The success of the programme is evident from the increase of student numbers progressing to HE – a 34% rise over a twelve-month period.           

University of Greenwich
Higher Vocational Education and Lifelong Learning Progression Research
- prompted by the alarming drop in numbers of part-time and mature learners, the project throws light on the key determining factors with the aim of ‘new informed actions to increase HE access for part-time and lifelong learners.’

UALL Chair, Professor Peter Neil, Vice Chancellor, Bishop Grosseteste University, presents the Trophy to the 2015 UALL Awards Winners - Christine Eastman and Kate Maguire, Middlesex University

At the Conference Dinner the ceremony was performed with the nearest we could get to a Hollywood-style razzmatazz, deftly presented by Pauline McManus of Warwick and the UALL Chair, Peter Neil, VC of Bishop Grosseteste University. Winners received their awards to ringing applause and flash photography. Our congratulations go to all. We look forward to another crop of excellent submissions for the 2016 UALL Awards.

Later this year we will be inviting applications for the 2016 Awards, and we look forward to receiving more innovative submissions.