UALL Awards 2018 - Applications invited

UALL Award Scheme 2018: Call for Applications

The UALL Award Scheme celebrates projects, programmes, partnerships, and research that promote lifelong learning in the Higher Education Sector. To recognise the increasing breadth of work across the sector, and to increase equity of opportunity, UALL is pleased to announce that for 2018 the Scheme has been expanded. It is open to all UALL members. The winners will be announced at the UALL 2018 Annual Conference.  The UALL Awards flyer can be found HERE

Nominees are asked to apply for a specific award based on one of the four categories. Categories focus on the intended or actual outcome of the activity.

Category 1     Innovation: this recognises innovations or creative initiatives that seek to expand Lifelong Learning within the UK

Category 2     Sustainability: this recognises creative Lifelong Learning initiatives with proven impact and sustainability

Category 3     Research: this award recognises specific research or evidence-based activity that promotes the significance of Lifelong Learning.

Category 4     International:  this recognises innovative engagement, including partnerships, that create change in an international or transnational context.

Criteria: Judging criteria have not changed from previous years but have been allocated according to the requirements of each category.




Category 1


Category 2 Sustainability

Category 3


Category 4


Innovation and creativity










Judging Panel: In 2018 judging will be by a panel of Lifelong Learning experts with an independent chair. The Panel will have the power to award a special Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Lifelong Learning.  The judging panel’s decision is final.

Recognition: All shortlisted applicants will be invited to present a workshop and/or a poster session at the 2018 Annual Conference and winners will be featured in the UALL journal special issue.

Application Process

The submission is based on a maximum of 1200 words and can include some suitable images or weblinks, as appropriate. Applications must be received by the UALL Administrator by January 15 2018.

Dates you need to know:

15 January 2018 Submission of application closing date

March 2018 Announcement of winner at UALL Annual Conference

Please send applications and enquiries about the scheme to the UALL Administrator