Seminar and UALL AGM, London - 27 November 2014

Transformative learning: national and international dimensions

The UALL AGM will be held on the morning of Thursday, 27 November at the Ambassadors Hotel, Euston Road, London. All members are invited.

Each year on the day of the AGM, we organise a seminar on current and upcoming major trends in higher education lifelong learning.  This year the theme is: Transformative learning: national and international dimensions.

We are delighted that Professor Sir Peter Scott and Professor John Field will be speaking at this event.  Peter Scott, who was Chair of UALL from 2002-2010, has been a leading figure in higher education and lifelong learning for many years. He has the perhaps unique distinction of a career in journalism before entering the academic world, and colleagues will remember his years as editor of the Times Higher, where his editorials were masterpieces of incisive and informed criticism of the vagaries of Government policy.  He has always maintained this clear-sighted and critical view of the values of higher education in contrast to the instrumentalism of policymakers. He has always been a good friend to lifelong learning, and we greatly look forward to his address to our seminar.

John Field is another leading and well-known figure in the world of higher education lifelong learning. With his feet firmly rooted in the liberal tradition of adult education, Professor Field has been one of the architects of the contemporary vision of 'lifelong learning', with its wide ramifications for individuals, society and policy. He was one of the first to hold the post of Professor of Lifelong Learning, and his publications are familiar to all students of post-compulsory education. He also has the unusual distinction of having worked in senior positions England, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

This Seminar is open to all with an interest in higher education lifelong learning. The programme and registration form for this open event are attached - do please circulate widely.

Please see the Programme for full details.  

Please do circulate details of this seminar to your colleagues. 

We very much look forward to seeing you in London.